The Billionaires Opposing Prop 30 Can Breathe Easy
But 38 Million Californians Can’t.

The Billionaires, CEOs and Front Groups Opposing Prop 30

Our Mission:

Hold the billionaires opposing clean air and funding for firefighters accountable. Don’t let them get away with putting personal profit above public health.

This is a project of the California State Association of Electrical Workers (IBEW), California Environmental Voters, Courage California, Let’s Green CA and Move LA.

$1 Trillion Wealth Increase for Billionaires in 2021 alone.

In 2021 alone, America's more than 700 billionaires saw their wealth increase by $1 trillion, yet in a typical year, billionaires like these would pay just 8 percent of their total realized and unrealized income in taxes. A firefighter or teacher can pay double that tax rate.

Some corporations funding opposition to the Clean Air act even profit off wildfires. Sierra Pacific Industries, a major donor to the Republican Party, made as much as $100 million in 2015 from logs taken from wildfire debris.

Some billionaires, like those in the Govern for California network, are planning to spend big to make sure Prop 30 doesn’t pass. Why?

Prop 30 would provide crucial resources to help firefighters, reduce wildfire risk and destruction, and help keep our air clean and breathable.

But here’s the rub – Prop 30 also asks the super wealthy – and only the super wealthy – to pay their fair share to help.

Billionaires already pay some of the lowest tax rates in the country, much less than firefighters, teachers, and grocery workers.

  • 8% Tax Rate

    for Billionaires in a typical year
  • 16% Tax Rate

    for firefighters, teachers, and grocery workers

But when asked to pay their fair share to help firefighters, children with asthma, and communities threatened by wildfires?

They said:


Check back here regularly to see which billionaires and corporations are trying to defeat the Clean Air initiative – and hold them accountable.